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Episode 3: the future of architectural education

James Benedict Brown

In episode 3 of the Arch. Ed. Podcast, we revisit the November 2014 Architecture Foundation debate on the future of architectural education, with guests Peter Clegg, Senior Partner at FCBS and Professor of Architecture at the University of BathGem Barton, editor of Edge Condition and Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton; and Neil Spiller, Dean of Architecture at the University of Greenwich.

In anticipation of the long awaited RIBA Review of Architectural Education, some familiar questions were posed. Why is architectural education so long? Why does it have such a standardised structure and duration? Is our studio culture supportive or exclusive? Can design crits ever relinquish their combative and abusive reputations? And does the perennial unit system of organising the design studio into a free market of student choice continue to serve students?

Gem Barton's survey on pathways into architecture academia can be found here.

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