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Episode 8: the RIBA Education Forum

James Benedict Brown

Episode 8 of the Arch. Ed. Podcast comes from London with comment from this week's RIBA Education Forum. This exceptional open event included a vote by RIBA Council Members on five recommendations from the Institute's Review of Architectural Education. Looking ahead to EU's revised Professional Qualifications Directive (PQD), which becomes law in January 2016, these recommendations envision a revised framework for architectural education that permits schools of architecture greater flexibility in the structure and delivery of the course, as well as:

  • A requirement for a minimum of two years of assessed professional practical experience within a typical seven year period
  • A seven year integrated award (with the facility for universities to still award a first degree in architecture after three years)
  • Academic credits available for one year of work-based learning, with the option for students to study within a framework of four years full-time study and three years professional practical experience
  • A 300 ECTS credit programme that is compliant with the requirements of the Bologna agreement
  • Access to the register of architects and title of architect on successful completion of the integrated course

In this episode of the podcast, we hear from proponents, critics and interested observers of these recommended changes.

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Photo credit: 66 Portland Place, by Nick Garrod on Flickr.